Monday, 16 January 2017

Is it the Right Time to Buy Property- Gaurav Gupta, Director, SG Estates Ltd.

It has been more than 2 months since our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi announced demonetization on 8th November 2016. Amongst the various things and debates about its benefit, Real Estate buyer is coming to be the true winner.

As mentioned in my last article that cost of funds will go down drastically after banks being flushed with funds, we are seeing it actually happening.

The rates have come down to extent of 8.35%, irrespective of the tenure and amount.  Bank of Baroda has gone a step ahead and made the rate linked with the credit score of the home buyer.  This is the best way of rewarding the person who is maintaining the financial discipline.

All the major Housing Loan players like SBI, ICICI, IDBI, HDFC etc have reduced their rate of interest for the Home Loans.  

Not only the EMI will be reduced for the buyers but also their eligibility will increase.
After lull of 2 months, Developers are again back with attractive offers for the home buyers and buyers are again scouting the best deal in the market. The conducive atmosphere is in place where buyers are now feeling confident to go ahead and take the buying decision.

The various doubts of heavy price correction in primary market are also cleared to an extent.
It is no doubt that nearing completion or Ready to Move properties are the first preference of the buyers and there are less takers for projects which are at just start level.

I can say confidently that It is the RIGHT TIME TO BUY AN HOUSE. The value a customer will get now may not get in immediate future as nearing possession or ready to move inventory is getting absorbed and new launches are very few.  
Indian Real Estate is moving towards more maturity with RERA now a reality and prelaunches the thing of the past.
Happy Buying for the Home Buyers.

Gaurav Gupta
SG Estates Ltd.

The company is in the Construction Business for the last 30 years and has its expertise in developing Residential and Commercial Real Estate projects.  
Lately company has  delivered series of Group Housing projects under the name of SG IMPRESSIONS and made SG Impressions Vasundhara, SG Impressions Dehradun, SG Impressions 58, SG Impressions Plus and SG Homes. All these projects have been successfully developed and delivered. 
SG Alpha Tower and SG Beta Tower are successfully running as iconic commercial projects in Vasundhara, Ghaziabad. Currently company is developing number of Group Housing projects in Vasundhara, Raj Nagar Extn. and Govindpuram namely SG Oasis, SG Grand and SG Benefit. 

Monday, 28 November 2016

Demonetisation and its Impact on Real Estate: Gaurav Gupta, Director, SG Estates Ltd.

Demonetisation by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the boldest decisions taken by Independent India in Last 69 years. This decision will play a crucial role in India’s growth and development in the years to come.

Among the various positives and negatives of Demonetisation, various news articles and reports by experts have emerged that Real Estate will see a massive price correction and people must wait to buy before the price correction occurs.

It is wrong to consider the entire Indian Real Estate as one. Indian Real Estate has various classifications like affordable or luxury; authorized or unauthorized; primary market or secondary market; tier 1 or tier 2 or tier 3 cities; agriculture land or urban land; end user market or investor market etc.
It is important to consider certain facts before accepting or rejecting something on the face of it.

In primary market (where buyer buys directly from the builder or colonizer or authority), mostly the purchasers are end users who are buying property to make it their home or as an asset class to hold it for long term. This holds true in todays scenario because investors are absent from market since almost 3 years due to market being stable.

End user market is growing on back of Home Loans availability. Buyers pay 10-20% margin money and take the balance Home Loan to fund their purchase.
Due to Demonetisation banks are expected to get deposits of approx. 10 Lacs Crore as per the estimate of the Government and with this kind of liquidity and cost of funds going down for the banks, the rate of interest of Housing Loan will most probably go down. This will not only result in lower EMI but also increased Loan Eligibility for an actual Home Purchaser.
From the past experience when the Home Loan rate of Interest was in range of 7.5-8%, the Indian Real Estate had seen the maximum growth and boom.
Banks have already reduced their deposit rates.
Hence we can infer that with demonetisation and banks reducing their rate of Interest, primary real estate market will in most probability  grow and demand will increase in end user driven markets.

This hold more true for affordable home segment market for areas like Raj Nagar Extn. Ghaziabad, Noida Extn., Bhiwadi, Faridabad where home purchasers are mostly the first time purchasers and property cost is below 50 lacs.

Already the government rules did not permit to take cash more than Rs.20,000=00 in the property transaction. Hence the cash component was almost negligible in the primary affordable home segments.

Demonetisation will definitely impact unauthorized construction, secondary market sales where some component of cash might be present and with less cash liquidity in hand, they will also move towards complete cashless mechanism.

Real Estate industry contributes more than 7% to India’s GDP and supports more than 360 ancillary industries and is the second largest employer after agriculture in India.

In the longer run, we will have more tax payers and increased tax revenue for the government which might result in lower taxation as a whole.

All the developed economies in the world are cashless economies and day is not far when India will be counted amongst the Developed Countries.

Gaurav Gupta

Monday, 18 April 2016

Saturday, 23 January 2016

SG Oasis 2,3 BHK An Exclusive 18 Months Free PREEMI Offer in Vasundhara For First 10 Bookings* Call 9910050600

SG Oasis 2,3 BHK An Exclusive 18 Months Free PRE EMI Offer in Vasundhara For First 10 Bookings Under Unbelievable Prices.*T&C Apply. Call 9910050600

Friday, 15 January 2016

First Time in Raj Nagar Ext. SG NIWAS YOJNA for Salaried Employees at 2590/sft(All Inc.*) 2bhk@21.50L, 3bhk(mini)@27.19L,Scheme till 14Feb2016

First Time in Raj Nagar Ext. SG NIWAS YOJNA for Salaried Employees at 2590/sft(All Inc.*) 2bhk@21.50L, 3bhk(mini)@27.19L,Scheme till 14Feb2016.T&C Apply.

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Friday, 27 November 2015

SG Grand 2,3 bhk Residential Group Housing Project in Ghz. - Walk Through

A perfect location and project to buy a flat in Rajnagar Extension,Ghaziabad.

Please Have A Look -

Saturday, 17 October 2015

What makes Vasundhara a preferred Housing Destination: Gaurav Gupta, Director, SG Estates Ltd.

Vasundhara is a sub city planned by UP Aavas and Vikas Parishad and it is surrounded by colonies developed by GDA like Vaishali, Kaushambi and Indirapuram.

Unlike areas developed by GDA, Vasundhara has wide roads, more concentration on plotted development and few Multistoried Group Housing Apartments. It has fully developed infrastructure like Sewerage, drainage system, electricity substations, water lines etc. It has provision of direct Ganga Water Supply.

Vasundhara being part of Ghaziabad has multiple connectivity options with Delhi. Nearest Metro station is Vaishali Metro Station, which is at a distance of 500 meters from Sector 19. It is at a few minutes distance away from Noida, another buzzing town of Uttar Pradesh. Work has also started on extension of Dilshad  Garden Metro line to New Bus Stand in Ghaziabad which will also provide connectivity to one more Metro line to Vasundhara Residents.

Many reputed schools like Jaipuria, DPS, Amity, Amity International, Springfield Schools are in Vasundhara and various local shopping markets are fully developed.  Medical Facilities like nursing homes, hospitals and labs are operational in Vasundhara and there are also various entertainment hubs.

Density of population in Vasundhara is controlled and it is not densely populated due to more of plotted development than Group Housing Apartments.

Vasundhara is also reasonably priced than Kaushambi, Vaishali, and Indirapuram.
For example in the projects developed by SG Estates Ltd., 2 BHK is priced at approximately 45 Lacs in SG Oasis in sector 2B Vasundhara and around 55 Lacs in SG Homes in sector 3 Vasundhara. The price for similar flat in Indirapuram is around 60-65 lacs.

SG Oasis in under construction and possession in expected in 2 years whereas SG Homes is ready to move in in Phase 1 and Phase 2 will be delivered in 2 months time.

In addition to various residential options Vasundhara also has various retail and office Towers in the price range of 6000-7500 per sq.

SG Estates has developed SG Alpha Tower in Sector 9, which is a complete office tower and SG Beta Tower in Sector 3, which is a combination of Shops and Office space format.

About SG Projects:


SG Grand in Raj Nagar Extn. SG Homes in Vasundhara, SG Oasis in Vasundhara and SG Benefit in Govindpuram

SG Impressions58, SG Impressions Plus in Raj Nagar Extn, SG Impressions, SG Alpha Tower, SG Beta Tower in Vasundhara.  

Gaurav Gupta

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Why Raj Nagar Extension ?- Vision & Action

• Nature of development is planned & as per the GDA master plan 2021.

• Option to choose from Under Construction to Ready to Move Apartments 

• Work on Zonal Plan Roads and STP in full progress by GDA.

• Right mix of Residential , Commercial & Institutional area development. 

• Happily Living around 7000 Families in Raj Nagar extension.

• Many Schools like GD Goenka, DPS, Parivartan already operational in Raj Nagar Extn.

• Dedicated Malls in Raj Nagar Extn will be operational soon. 

• Multiple connectivity options from Delhi. • Ideal & Planned Development of NCR. 

• Freehold land development. 

• Raj Nagar Ext. the geography itself a big reason to choose as a location, been closed to East/Central Delhi, Ghaziabad city & the Electronic   city- Noida. 

• Under construction & Extension of Delhi Metro (RED Line) to Ghaziabad New Bus depot via Mohan Nagar/NH58, 8 Metro station on 9.8 Km Metro Route. 

• Under construction Hindan Elevated Road from Raj Nagar extension Entry to /Ghazipur Delhi Border/NH24,Parellel to Hindan-Ganga Canal, access controlled 4 LANE development, expected operational by Late 2016 or Early 2017, Once it is ready travel time to Delhi will be reduced by 1/3 from the current. 

• Under construction 3.8 KM /70 Mt wide Link Road between NH58 To NH24, Probably it will be ready next 6-8 months from now, once it is operational for public, then Noida & its Institutional/Commercial Sector 57 to 68 will be only around 6 KM from Raj Nagar extension Entry.

• Around 100 acres green /recreation zone/man made forest with Water lake/bodies ( one of the largest green zone, By GDA ) only minutes away.